As parents, it can be difficult to balance attending Zoom meetings with managing our children’s schedules. Without proper preparation, it can feel like an impossible task! That’s why having a printable Do Not Disturb sign can be such a lifesaver. It’s an easy and effective way to let your kids know when you need uninterrupted time during your meeting or class. Here’s how to make one.

Step 1: Gather Supplies
You will need a piece of paper or cardstock, scissors, markers or colored pencils, and some tape. You may also want to add glitter, stickers, ribbon, or other embellishments for a more decorative look.
Step 2: Design Your Sign
On your paper or cardstock, draw the shape of the sign you would like (e.g., circle, rectangle). Then write “Do Not Disturb” in big bold letters in the center of the sign. Next add any decorations you would like—stickers, glitter glue, etc.—to make the sign stand out.
Step 3: Cut Out the Sign Carefully cut out the shape of your sign using scissors and then tape it to the door handle of your workspace (or wherever else you would like). This will alert your family that you are in an important meeting and should not be disturbed until it is over!
Step 4: Customize Your Sign Finally, customize your Do Not Disturb Sign by adding any additional decorations or messages that will give it a personal touch. For example, you could add a picture of yourself on the sign so that your family knows who is inside! Or if you have younger children at home that cannot read yet, you can draw smiley faces on the sign instead of writing “Do Not Disturb” as an alternative way to communicate with them.

Having a personalized Do Not Disturb printable for Zoom meetings is a great way for parents to ensure they have uninterrupted time for their meetings without having to constantly remind their kids not to disturb them while they’re on calls. Creating one is easy and only takes minutes – just gather supplies like paper or cardstock plus markers/colors and scissors – then design away! Once finished simply tape it up wherever needed in order to clearly communicate when it is time for ‘Mommy/Daddy work” and when playtime can begin again!

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