Hey there! Do you love dinosaurs? Do you want to share your love for these prehistoric creatures with your friends in the classroom? Well, I have a special surprise for you! I’ve created a “You are Dino-mite” dinosaur valentine printable with 12 different dinosaur cards.

My son is a huge fan of dinosaurs. He loves visiting the dinosaur museum and seeing all the giant skeletons of these fascinating creatures. Whenever we go, he can spend hours reading about each species and looking at all the details. He even has a collection of dinosaur toys that he plays with all the time. This Dino-mite Valentine is perfect for Dino fans!

Here are some Facts about Dinosaurs you can share with your friends:

  • Dinosaurs lived on earth for over 160 million years.
  • They roamed the earth during the Mesozoic Era and were the dominant species on the planet.
  • Some dinosaurs were as small as a chicken while others, like the Argentinosaurus, could grow up to 100 feet long!
  • There were herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores among the dinosaurs.
  • The name “dinosaur” means “terrible lizard” in Greek.
  • Some dinosaurs had feathers, not just scales!
  • The T-Rex had the strongest bite of any dinosaur and could chomp down with a force of over 7,800 pounds.
Adorable Dinosaur Valentines for Your Little One: "You are Dino-mite" Printable Collection

The printable has 12 different dinosaur valentines cards, each one featuring a different species of dinosaur. There’s the Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and more! Each card has a cute and colorful design that kids will love. And the best part is that they’re easy to print out and give to your classmates. If you want, they can add a fun dinosaur toy from Amazon.

In conclusion, the “You are Dino-mite” dinosaur valentine printable is a fun and creative way for kids to share their love of dinosaurs with their friends. By giving these cards to their classmates, they can show them how amazing these prehistoric creatures are. So go ahead, print out the cards and let your child share their love for dinosaurs with their friends. They’ll love it!

Get your Dino-mite dinosaur printable!

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